Mineral Exploration Field Services

Over 25 years of experience makes our ability to support a mineral exploration program in Northern Australia second-to-none.

Terra Search has the working capital, long term network of contacts across the industry, proven track record and financial clout to manage large scale exploration programs. Our residence/shed and storage facilities in Charters Towers are particularly applicable to the surrounding area. In short, Terra Search is a one stop exploration shop.

A proven track record of mineral discoveries

Terra Search has proven geological technical ability with a track record of discoveries and thorough exploration. Our discoveries include Reward (massive sulphide pipe: Mt Windsor Volcanics, NQ); Grevillea (shale hosted Zn-Pb-Ag, Mt Isa Block); Mt Dalrymple (gold breccia/vein, northern Drummond Basin NQ); and Mt Mackenzie Extensions (acid sulphate gold, Connors Arch, Eastern QLD).

Terra Search also has access to and capability to manage specialised services not provided in house, such as:

Personnel and Other Services

  • Geological and Field Personnel
    • Senior Geologists through to graduate geologists
    • Senior Field technicians through to field assistants
    • Experience in field reconnaissance and mapping
    • Experience in RC and Diamond Drilling
    • Experience working in remote areas
    • Experience in surface sampling
  • Specialist Geographic Information System (GIS) Personnel
  • RC and Diamond Drilling
  • Surface Geochemistry Sampling
  • Geochemical analyses
  • Geological Secretarial & Clerical Services
  • Computer Services
  • Geological Library - Open File Reports
  • Air Photo Library
  • Thermo NITON portable XRF along with a licenced operator
  • Advanced geophysics
  • Petrology
  • Remote sensing
  • Isotopic analyses


  • Ground Magnetic Surveys
    • Productivity 20+ line-km / day
    • Rapid data collection and analysis
    • Onboard GPS receiver to eliminate expensive gridding procedures
    • No environmental footprint
    • Advanced processing
    • Compact, robust, easy to assemble field kit
    • Works together with a magnetic susceptibility reader
    • TMI, DEM, RTP, and 1VD
  • Gravity Surveys
  • DGPS Surveys
  • All surveys carried out by trained bush oriented crews

Please download the latest information on our capabilities and equipment

Mineral Exploration Services and Equipment Hire Australia Wide
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