Excellence in Mineral Exploration Safety

Our safety record is firmly cemented by our over 25 years of experience in the most extreme conditions in Australia, combined with the most modern mineral exploration equipment and techniques available.

Our commitment to safety is second to none

Terra Search values the safety of its skilled team, and covers our employees for all costs involved with worker's compensation with a public liability insurance of $10,000,000.

All Terra Search employees work within the safety provisions of various mining acts.

Our employees are trained through on-the-job training, work experience, and in-house and external accreditations.

Our staff members are trained with

  • Senior first aid
  • 4WD training
  • Generic and/or specific mine induction

Our staff can be given full medical assessments, including drug and alcohol testing.

The latest in safety equipment and field communications

Terra Search always keeps up with the latest safety equipment, including

  • Satellite iridium handheld phones - ensuring country-wide communication
  • Spot Satellite personal trackers - ensuring the safety of remote workers at all times
  • NextG telephones
  • UHF Simplex/Duplex handheld transceiver
  • Mobile USB internet access
  • Vehicles equipped to mine compliance, with flags, lights, signs, and reverse beepers
  • Vehicles equipped with long-range fuel tanks, water tanks, electric winch, spare tyres, tool kits, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits, and air conditioning for operation in tropics.

We are committed to the reduction of environmental impact

Terra Search employees are mindful of the environment and are trained in impact minimisation and site rehabilitation. You can rest assured that when Terra Search is on the job, our staff respect the land and the environment.

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